Monday, January 11, 2010

Mo Willems is Coming to Town!

Everyone who spends time in our library knows that Mo Willems is one of my most favorite authors and illustrators. I love all of his books and characters....Elephant and Piggy, Trixie with her Knufflebunny, the Pigeon, Leonardo, Edwina....all of them! He is the author and illustrator of two of the books on our Panther Paw list(Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed and Watch Me Throw the Ball.) So, when I read on his blog that he will be at the KidFest Festival at the Angelica in Dallas this month, I started spreading the word to all of my friends. Mark your calendars for A Tribute to Mo Willems on January 23 at 3:00. I can't wait!

The Tribute to Mo Willems was such a treat! The audience got to take home a book by Mo, watch 60 minutes of Mo's animations, listen to Mo answer questions, and meet Mo for an autograph. Great day!

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