Monday, March 18, 2013

Panther Paw Winners!

The Panther Paw results are in!  This year's voting was very interesting!  As usual, all of the books received votes.  I love that every book was someone's favorite!  This year, two books tied for the winning title (23 votes each), and two more books tied (20 votes each) as "honor book" winners.  I believe that ALL students in K - 2nd grade and dozens of parents and older siblings cast their votes.  Many, many readers commented on all of the fantastic books on the list.  Families and classrooms compared their thoughts and favorites.  Talking about reading...wonderful!
Everyone who read all 21 titles was eligible to enter the contest to win the entire set of books for their classroom.  A first grade girl thrilled her class when her name was drawn.  Congratulations to all of our readers!