Friday, November 9, 2012

Vote For Books!

Three very worthy candidates filled the ballot for our Library Character President. Duck, Babymouse, and Bad Kitty all had strong party support.   The weeks leading to election day were thrilling!  The characters were the subject of so much description, comparison, and discussion.  Campaign posters covered the library walls. On November 6, voters came to the voting booth in the library. Votes were cast and counted. 

Election Day, November 6

The winner....

Book Club Awesomeness!

Ivy and Bean Day
Book talk and lunch with friends are two of my favorite things.  Those favorite things came together twice in October.
The second grade girls met in the library for lunch and to celebrate the Ivy and Bean book series by Annie Barrows.  The girls had great discussions about the two characters who are so different from each other and yet such good friends.  We looked at the author's website and even had time to make cootie catchers.
Books We Are Batty About

The book talk during the second grade boys' "Books We're Batty About" celebration was incredible!  Every boy brought a book that he enjoyed and thought others would also enjoy.  
 They took turns standing on the bat stool and presenting their books.  It was obvious that much thought went into their choices.  They were all very interested in what each other had to say.  Their recommendations have carried a lot of weight.  Many books that have been sitting on the shelf are now in readers' hands.