Monday, August 27, 2012

Read-Aloud Memories

Mountains of study and research has proven that reading aloud to a child is the most important factor in raising a reader...a person who WANTS to read.  Besides the vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency benefits gained, reading aloud builds community.  Sharing book adventures connects us with each other and creates a bond that can last for a very long time.  Our lower school community is beginning the year with a "One Read-Aloud."  First through fourth grade will read Charlotte's Web by E.B.White and celebrate the book's 60th anniversary on October 15.  Join in the reading and discussion at home.  Find out why this book is considered the number one children's novel of all time.

Find out what read-aloud books some of our teachers still (and will always) remember.

(Do you have a QR scanner yet?)