Friday, February 22, 2013

Barking for Books!

Second graders were privileged to meet the author of  The Buddy Files series, Dori Butler,  via Skype this week.  Her books  have been  some of the most circulated books in the library for the last two years, and they were a fun choice for a second grade book club.  She told us about her real dog "Mouse" who was the inspiration for her mysteries. We learned about her writing process and the time she spends writing her books. She answered our questions and showed us what the Japanese version of her books looks like.  We are so excited to learn that she is working on her next series about a haunted library.  The comment that I heard over and over..."She was so nice!"  Authors who take the time to visit with students really inspire them as readers and writers!

 Buddy's "twin sister" (My golden retriever, Annie) came to school to listen to second graders read their favorite parts of some of the books.  She L-O-V-E-S to listen to children read!
Buddy Files on PhotoPeach

One second grader discovered the Buddy Files books on our Overdrive e-book library.  He downloaded it to read at home.  I'm hoping that he will inspire some other friends to explore the great e-books available here!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Read a Biography

 The biography section in the library always gets a lot of action in the weeks preceding the second grade's wax museum.  This year, during our biography library lessons, we looked at some biographies and biographic stories of people who are not so well known.  Sure enough...Annie Edson Taylor joined the museum!  Do you know Annie?  Read about her daring feat!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Kindergarten Research

Kindergarten writers are beginning to create "All About" books in their classroom writing workshops.  Many have chosen to write about animals.  They have discovered our wonderful PebbleGo database, and they are loving it!  They are adding new facts to what they already know about their animals and what they have read in their print books.  I love that they are beginning to come to the library to research independently!