Friday, May 27, 2011

Circulation Champs!

These books were big favorites in our library! They were the top 10 most circulated on our campus. If you haven't read these, you will definitely want to give them a look! Happy summer reading...remember to send me your pictures!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kindergarten Skype

Mrs. Lee's kindergarten class met up with a kindergarten class in North Carolina via Skype today. Mr. Monaco joined us in the library as we visited with some of his old friends from Ravenscroft. The kinders shared some of the books that they had created in writing workshop. Both classes had written "All About" books and learned about illustrators' craft this year, so they had much in common. They practiced reading with their loud and clear "Skype voices" and listening to new friends hundreds of miles away. We saved some time for a few tricky and fun riddles, too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Grade Read-a-Thon

It's Read-a-Thon Day! One morning in the spring of every year, the first graders race down the sidewalk to their classrooms juggling pillows or pillow pets and heavy bags of books. The day revolves around books, reading to self or listening to reading. This year, many of the readers made the library the site for part of their day. Every nook, corner, and cranny housed a first grader absorbed in a book. Fantastic!

The Gift

When I saw the big beautifully wrapped box on the circulation desk I remembered that a second grade girl had casually mentioned that she brought something for the library. I found her on the way back to her classroom from chapel. She smiled and came with me to watch the opening of the treasure. Inside were dozens of books from her bookshelf at home that she had read, enjoyed, and chosen to share with others. She had sorted the books by series and tied them together with ribbons and bows. While we looked over the titles, she reminisced about reading them and the people who had given them to her. She clearly loves books, recognizes the gifts that they are, and wants to share the joy that they promise. I'm thankful for the gift for the library, and I'm so very proud that our young readers celebrate books with such gusto.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book Fair

I love the book fair. I know that it's a ton of work for the volunteers, and it always comes at a busy time, and the library routine is put on hold for the week, but the JOY on the faces of the shoppers is priceless. I love watching the kids find books that they can't wait to read. The ones with money in their pockets work so hard to build their book piles within their budgets. The ones without money are so focused on making a "wish list" to share with parents at home. The ones shopping with parents have the greatest conversations surrounding books. This week, we're back to our regular routine, but there is still much talk about the book fair and the books that are being read and loved.