Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Panthers Read

Do you have a little Panther Cub at your house?
The Hillcrest Library is beginning to build a collection of books just for our youngest Panther Cubs (little brothers and sisters of our Pre-K - 2nd grade students.) Study after study reports the benefit of reading with our children from the time that they are babies. Check this PBS website for a great description of reading milestones for babies and toddlers. It’s never too early to begin to grow baby bookworms. Babies begin to show an interest in books at about four months. They might prefer chewing on them to listening to them at this age, but over the next few months they begin to enjoy the stories that they hear over and over again, and they especially begin to enjoy hearing the language and experiencing the closeness and routine of sharing books.

These happy baby booklovers drop their toys and come crawling to hear Charise Mericle Harper’s Good Night, Leo as part of their nightly bedtime routine. Making books a fun part of each day is the best way to encourage a lifelong love of reading.

I hope you'll find a comfortable spot to sit together and enjoy some of these new books with your little ones. Happy reading!