Monday, January 4, 2010

Panther Paw Kick Off

The Panther Paw Book Contest is a fun, fun, fun reading program for Parish students in kindergarten through second grade. The goal is to encourage everyone to read and explore a variety of recently published books and to choose favorites. Many teachers will read ten or more Panther Paw books in the classroom, but parents will also want to join in the excitement and read some or all of these books together with their children at home.

There are 20 fantastic titles on the 2010 Panther Paw Booklist. Any child, parent or teacher who reads or listens to at least ten books can vote for his/her favorite. Anyone who reads or listens to all twenty books will be eligible to enter a drawing for a chance to win a complete set of the Panther Paw books for his/her classroom. Parents may check out one Panther Paw book at a time for overnight or a weekend. We'll vote in March, and we'll find out which book will be the winner. Until then...happy reading!

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