Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mother/Daughter Book Club

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin was the perfect book for our 2nd Grade Mother/Daughter Book Club! Our library rocked with excitement for an hour after school with 32 book lovers talking about the book's themes of connectedness and thankfulness. We snacked on peaches, eggrolls, springrolls, goldfish, mini goldfish cupcakes and green tea. Grace Lin's video of
the background and her thinking behind the book. We tested the net that tricked the monkeys (a basketball net was perfect!)
We took an online quiz about the book all together on the SmartBoard. We talked about how the meaning of Minli's name (quick thinking) suited her. Then we helped each other think of what name would suit us. We talked about The Old Man in the Moon's red thread and how we are connected as we tied the names together.
This group is an artistic bunch! The dragon creations are fantastic.

Take a look at what the girls had to say about the book.
Grace Lin has written many books that we have in our library. I bet they'll be well read this year!
Everyone went home with a dragon pearl, and (I hope) memories of a wonderful time spent reading together.


  1. Wow! First, I loved this book and second, I love this idea! I think I may try this with my school! Thank you for sharing this awesome idea! Can I ask how you paid for each of the books- or did each mom buy a copy?

  2. Hi, Kelly,
    I bought 3 copies of the book for the library, but most of the mothers bought the book over the Christmas holidays. Several commented that it is a book that they wanted to own because they liked it so much.