Friday, May 11, 2012

Children's Book Week

If you traveled through the library this week you undoubtedly witnessed a lively celebration of Children's Book Week.  Last year I was inspired by other librarians who set up a book walk, and I decided that we would try it this year.  The tables were pushed together and chairs set up around the perimeter.  Each chair had an animal or character behind it giving a hint about the book that was resting in the seat.  I chose books from all around the library.  Some were familiar favorites and others were wonderful fiction and nonfiction picture books that may have been overlooked this year.  After story time with books about books, the music began. The children walked around the chairs until the music stopped.  They sat down in the chair where they stopped and read the book in the seat until the music started again.  It was festive and fun!  I had planned to do this with PreK and Kindergarten, but the first and second graders couldn't resist browsing the books during their check out time, too! 

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