Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kindergarten Skype

Mrs. Lee's kindergarten class met up with a kindergarten class in North Carolina via Skype today. Mr. Monaco joined us in the library as we visited with some of his old friends from Ravenscroft. The kinders shared some of the books that they had created in writing workshop. Both classes had written "All About" books and learned about illustrators' craft this year, so they had much in common. They practiced reading with their loud and clear "Skype voices" and listening to new friends hundreds of miles away. We saved some time for a few tricky and fun riddles, too!


  1. Dear Mrs. Maher and Mrs. Lee's boys and girls,

    Mrs. Ausbon's kindergarten class and I enjoyed Skyping with you on May 19th. We loved sharing our Writer's Workshop books titled, "All About Me", and sharing riddles was a lot of fun! Thank you for connecting with Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, North Carolina!
    Mrs. Fordham
    Ravenscroft Lower School Technology

  2. Becky, one more idea tucked away for next school year. As always, thanks! :)