Friday, November 6, 2009

A Place for Wonder

When I heard Georgia Heard and Jennifer McDonough talk about their soon to be published book, A Place for Wonder, at the NCTE Annual Convention last November, I knew that it would be a fantastic reference book that the teachers would love. It is really inspiring me to try to find new ways to make our library a place that encourages curiosity, creativity, and exploration. First to make the "wondering" scene was a HUGE green caterpillar that spun a cocoon within an hour of rescue from the sidewalk and coming into our library. As the children ask questions, make observations, and look for answers about him, they will learn more about nonfiction reading and writing. Nic Bishop's new book, Butterflies and Moths, will be getting a lot of attention!
If you find items that you think your friends would like to wonder about, please bring them in.

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